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International Investors

Physicians / Surgeons


AMXGlobal, involved internationally for thirty years, offers Physician/Surgeons in countries around the globe opportunities to own their own surgical centers here and abroad. Through a consulting agreement we join with the surgeon and investors in the pre-project phase of financial planning, reviewing laws and rules effecting the ownership of surgery centers, developing financial forecasts for feasibility of such an investment, interview potential joint venture surgeons, and independent investors, to provide an offer of financing at favorable rates from  US sources, provided goods (equipment) and services (set out herein above) are provided from US companies, on behalf of the partnership for its foreign developments.

Such investments are excellent at this time as inflation rates will only grow at a rapid rate throughout the globe as the financial crisis continues. This will make your real estate investment value increase with the rate of inflation, offering you the opportunity to build your financial wealth on your investment while providing the best of services to your patients and community.

Invest now in this opportunity in determining the viability of such a surgical center and opportunity for you and your fellow surgeons.




After having this opportunity to learn about AMXGlobal and its medical investments, contact us now to learn more about the areas where you can invest and the returns you can expect on your investments. There has been no greater time to invest in the real estate aspect of the medical field due to the fact that inflation is expected to grow in the next ten years at a near hyper inflation rate which will only increase the value of your real estate investment over the next ten years and longer.

The new health care law does not effect ownership of Ambulatory Surgery Centers as it does physician ownership of hospitals. Billing reimbursements will be the focus over the years effecting surgery centers.

Contact us now to learn of other types of investments sure to grow in value, building your investment values on a solid footing of growth in fields known to increase over the next ten years and there after.