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Partner Information

PartnershipAMXGlobal brings together leading components such as individual Surgeons, top ASC operating firms, the best in Finance and other leading support firms whose goal is to provide sustainable, successful outcomes in service to the community, its patients and its Partnership.

The AMXGlobal Business Development and Ambulatory Surgery Center Design/Build Developer teams with Physician Surgeons and a top Ambulatory Surgery Center Operations Service Group to jointly develop a state of the art Surgery Center.

We provide the Surgeon partners and the Operator the highest quality development facility, strategically located to surrounding hospitals and areas to service the community along with interest in patient needs and expectations of quality health care.

Whether it is a two Operating Room (OR) single specialty facility or a multi-specialty center of four or six OR's with additional procedures rooms, AMXGlobal stands ready to meet the Surgeon's and Community's expectations and needs.

Teamed with the best designers and architects along with our financial partner that will offer the partnership the best in financing of the real estate, equipment and operating capital, AMXGlobal will apply all its skill sets in providing an accredited state-of-the-art surgery center from the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC).

BuildingThe model for ownership allows the Surgeons, due to their contributions, a majority interest in ownership of the surgery center and the real estate building they occupy.  Further, AMX offers the Surgeons and the Operator an opportunity to participate in the ownership of surrounding medical facilities that will be sold condo style and leased providing additional income to the Surgeons and Operator.

Ultimately, AMXGlobal's philosophy is a teamed approach using all the skill sets of the team to provide the project ultimate success and profitability while allowing the Surgeons and Operator the ultimate decisions in its development.  We are all teamed to provide the best health care and service to the community!