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Developer, Design / Build, Construction


The AMXGlobal vision is to develop a Master Planned Development centered on a single specialty, multi-specialty, or a development containing one or more single specialty buildings commonly anchored to a single surgery floor commonly owned by all.  The Master Planned Development will include four to eight single story Medical Office Buildings (MOB's) containing six to ten thousand square feet each.  These buildings will be sold or leased to primary medical affiliated business occupants.

Depending on the market conditions, the site could contain one to three single specialty buildings where each specialty building is identified as its own medical specialty.  Where the development contains two or more separate single specialty buildings they can be connected to a single surgery operation floor where each single specialty surgery group will own a pro-rata share of the single surgery center. This will reduce the cost of separate surgery center operations and the initial investment cost.


The Surgeons would own up to eighty percent of the surgery center, and seventy five percent of the surgery center building and be allowed to a participation in ownership of the surrounding single story buildings that will be sold or leased as described above.  In the case of the surrounding buildings, the surgeons will participate in the profits and the tax benefits from the leased real estate.

AMXGlobal has two construction arms. STRACO Builders, LLC handles all medical projects developed by AMXGlobal while Dalcon Construction, LLC handles all tenant improvements for Straco projects as well as third party projects from tenant improvements and smaller ground up projects.

Third party Architects, Engineers, Specialty Medical Design firms do well to partner up with the AMXGlobal team. Small design firms can benefit by being a part of the AMXGlobal project team by being invited to furnish designs for the multiple Medical Office Buildings (MOB's) on each Ambulatory Surgery Center site having multiple tenants.  Additionally, participate in design from ground up for the MOB buildings surrounding the multi-storied Surgery Center in a development.

Larger Architectural and Engineering firms benefit from having the overall development design including the design of the main Surgery Center structure as well as any specialty MOB satellite structure.

AMXGlobal, Straco Builders, and Dalcon’s philosophy is getting to know the design team through smaller initial Design/Builder relationships leading to joining the AMXGlobal affiliate team structure.